The 6th month

Hello guys, I am deeply sorry for disappearence.Unfortunately, I live a very busy life, therefore I did not even have time to think about MS.I am going to write a short testimony.I just wanted to let you all know that I am fine although I am still not fully symptom-free and I am not sure if I will be ever totally symptom-free but more or less I am living a full life.

Dr.Pellegrini has increased my daily dosage from 90 000 IU to 110 000 IU of vitamin D per day since we still have not the desired value of PTH hormon.After 6 months I am still alive and there are no signs of vitamin D toxication.Apart from some MS symptoms I feel good.I did my blood test in July and although the calcium levels in my blood were a little bit above normal, moreover the level of calcium was also higher then normal, (91mg of calcium/L), the doctor said that there was no reason to panic.As long as I drink enough moisture to dilute calcium and avoid foods rich in calcium, I should not worry.

I also walk at least 50 minutes 4-5 times per week.I am continuing to have gradual improvements and I am even able to walk 15 kilometres if I wanted.But I do this only occasionally.I do not want to overstrain my body because it may alter regeneration.I work a lot, I plan to study next year and I am sure that I can stick it out with this treatment, as long as there is no perfect cure for this disease.Remember:This therapy “only” stops the progression of the disease.Scars and damages caused by MS that are not too old may regenerate or disappear, but old symptoms will most likely not disappear.

Good news:There is an other doctor from Croatia that follows the treatment.He has recently been trained by Professor Coimbra.His name is Fedor Mataic and lives in Split, Croatia (–191jx7ps-72d56dae380b06c38f97a908bab0550b?map=43.50505,16.47445,16,normal)

If anyone of you has a question, do not hesitate to ask.I promise I am going to devote more time to this blog in the future.I just wanted to forget about MS a little.

Talk to you soon.

The second month

Hi everyone!It has been 2 months since I started to take high doses.I am still alive and I do not experience any sort of side effects due to vitamin D supplementation.I follow a low calcium diet and actually it does not even require huge dedication.All I do is avoid foods rich in calcium and drink a lot of moisture, at least 3 liters per day.Since I am a hypochondriac, I checked the calcium level in my urine a few weeks ago.Yes, it exceeded the normal limit.Actually, it was 13.14 mmol/24h which scarred me at first glance but I took a look at the guide that the patients receive when starting the treatment and it clearly states that the amount of calcium in the urine must be less then 250mg/L.If it is so, the renal function is not endangered.So, in my case it was 98mg/L and the amoung of urine was 5.32L.I drank enough moisture to dilute the increased amount of calcium.

How do I feel?I experience the very first signs of improvements.It is too early to draw any conclusions since it may take several months to feel the first benefits.Once again, the doctor who has prescribed me my dosage did not promise miracles, the only thing that he guarantees that the disease is going to stop.But I undoubtedly feel changes.First of all, my worst symptom, the spasm and rigidity in my neck that made me want to consider suicide has improved, sometimes I am barely feeling it but sometimes it catches me again temporarily.There are still ups and downs and considering the fact that relapses may happen during the first 6-7 months, I think it is absolutely normal.There is still paraestesia in my fingers but I start to feel them as a part of my body again.My scalp is still itchy and I still get tired after 35-40 minutes of walk.This is the sign that the disease has not been suppressed yet.I heard that as long as you feel fatigue, the disease is still active.I still cannot stand excessive heat and I still have sleep disorders.I still feel tightness on my face and if I get tired or overstrain my body, a very slight sensation of numbness in my tongue returns.The tightness has improved a little bit.The tremor in my arms are almost gone.MS hug has also improved a little bit but I am still feeling it and I deliberately do not exaggerate because I try to be as objective as possible.It is going to take a very long time to recover but one thing is certain:I experience improvements even if symptoms still return temporarily if I overstrain my body or due to excessive heat or emotional stress.

So, if I were to summarize it, I would say that I am very optimistic.Please, if you decide to start the treatment, always, always ask your doctor about potential risk and be very careful.I do not want to convince anyone and I truly hope that I do not sound like I am giving medical advices.

See you all in 3 months.

The first day

Hello everyone!Today I finally started the protocoll.I took 120 000 IU’s of vitamin D this morning.I take vitamin D and Omega-3 together with my breakfast, and then B-2 and Magnesium 3 times a day after every meal.I use this brand,according to my doctor it is a reliable one: .I should also use K2,dr.Pellegrini adviced to take Super K from Life Extention, one softgel with each 20 000 IU’s of vitamin D.I should also take it with my breakfast.Drinking enough moisture is crucial(2,5-3L/day) but since I have gotten used to drink routinely all the time, it is absolutely not a problem.It is advisable to choose the right brand of mineral water that you are going to drink.Choose brands that contain low amount of calcium,approximately 15mg/L.It is just another tiny detail that you could pay attention to.Cooking with piped water is not a problem.

Since I found out couple of days ago that it is not a secret that dr.Pellegrini also has to take high doses of vitamin D because he also suffered from an autoimmun disorder,I had thought I would also share this information.This is actually what has convinced me about the safety of this treatment and that dr.Pellegrini knows what he does.If I respect the rules of the protocoll, nothing bad can happen to me.

I am extremely excited and my gut tells me that it is going to work.The psychological impact is huge,I do really believe that I am going to be healthy and symptom-free or at least free of MS hug.If it disappeared,I would be the happiest guy on the planet.

So,I will publish another post with my experiences next month.It is totally meaningless to talk about improvements in the first few weeks because it may take 2 months to feel better,therefore I promise I am going to be as objective as possible.I do not want to evoke false hope but based on other peoples experiences I have come into contact with,it does not make any sence why they would lie to people so publicly.If this treatment were a scam,someone would have already started standing up against it saying that it is dangerous or it is not working etc..

So,I guess thats it for now.Do not hesitate if you have any questions.I am going to do my best to recover and see you all next month.

The beginning

Hi everyone!I am a young male from Europe,diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 8 months ago.I am in my 20s and even though my neurologist says my symptoms are relatively mild since they manifest only in sensory disorders,I do not feel good at all.Fatigue that characterizes this ugly disease totally overshadows my life and considering the fact that last year-before my relapse-I was able to lift heavy weights and live a very active life,I really cannot say that I can allow myself to fully rely on conventional treatment which currently slows down the progression of the disease by 50%.Since I am not pleased with this treatment and I still have not fully recovered from my relapse,I was desperate to find another solution.

Let me tell you a little bit about the history of my MS.I experienced my very first mild symptom when I was 17.It manifested in very mild sensation of tightness on the right side of my face.I did not attach too much importance to it.It was gone after 2 months.And then after 10 years,in 2014,I experienced my second relapse which was a tough one.I went completely numb from neck to my toes, I was not able to hold a pencil in my hands.I could not do anything with my hands, I could not care for myself.I almost completely lost the sensation in my genitals.The sense of my taste has been altered and I have been still experiencing this symptom.My ears are ringing constantly and my scalp and skin is itching very often. Most of my symptoms have been in remission but there are some of them that really do not want to disappear.One of them is-in my opinion- the worst symptom that you can possibly feel with this illness:MS hug.It feels like someone is trying to choke you all the time.It has been improving very-very slowly but it makes me want to die like dog.It is like there is an obstacle in my throat. It is a terrible sensation and if I were to choose between this and being confined to wheelchair, I would definitely choose the second option.According to my neurologist, it is going to take a very long time, but all my symptoms are going to disappear(for now,but I do not trust him) because sensory symptoms disappear last.I still feel tightness on my face and thank God I almost fully regained the functions of my hands.There is still sensory disorder in my fingers but apart from hating it I can work.I am not able to do sports anymore because if I overstrain my body,I feel tremor all over my body.I can walk but sometimes I sense some sort of uncertainty in my knees.I feel terrible in general,even though my EDSS scale has dropped from 3(when I was diagnosed) to 1.Thats all about my symptoms.I thought it is extremely important to describe what I feel before I start taking high doses of vitamin D.

I am going to be treated by dr.Pellegrini.He lives in Torino.He is a young doctor and one of the few physicians in Europe that follow prof.Coimbra’s protocoll.He prescribed me 120 000 IU of vitamin D to take in the first 5 days and then I should continue taking 90 000 IU per day along with other supplements like B-2 vitamin(riboflavin-3X100mg per day) and Magnesium.These supplements help the body to absorb vitamin D.It is also recommanded to take K2-vitamin and DHA-500.K2-vitamin is essential to keep the density of your bones and to make sure our bones do not lose calcium,we should exercies at least 30 minutes,4 times a week.He told me that since my disease has been active since 8 months,we can expect that most of my symptoms are going to disappear.THE BOTTOMLINE:He guarantees that the disease is going to stop.After 3 months I should repeat all the bloodtests to recalculate my dosage.Thats all in short.I am sure you still have plenty of questions but I do not have anything else to say right now.

I am currently waiting for my vitamin D to arrive and I am going to publish another post as soon as I “officially” start the treatment.I wish you all the best.